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Every great day of exploration begins with a hearty breakfast, and our town offers a variety of charming spots to kickstart your morning. Whether you’re a fan of classic diner fare, specialty coffees, or high-end meals, you’re sure to find a breakfast spot that suits your taste.

After a day of local discovery, refuel with a satisfying lunch or dinner at one of our town’s eateries. From cozy cafes to bustling restaurants/bars, you can savor a diverse range of cuisines. Don’t forget to ask the locals for their favorite spots – they often have the best recommendations!


Once you’ve satisfied your appetite, indulge in some retail therapy at local shops and boutiques. It’s the perfect opportunity to find souvenirs and support local businesses.

To immerse yourself in the local history and culture, make a stop at our town’s museum. Discover fascinating exhibits, artifacts, and stories that illuminate the area. It’s an educational and enriching experience for visitors of all ages.

Looking to be on the water? We have pontoon, kayak, and paddleboard rentals. Never leave the water with two dining spots and gas directly on the lake.

Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or simply seeking a taste of local culture, there are multiple, local breweries and wineries a short distance away.


Exploring local attractions is an enriching and delightful way to spend your days in Balsam Lake. So, gather your family and friends, and start planning your trip to Balsam Lake. Happy Exploring!